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We test Fire, Domestic and Irrigation devices.  We track the testing schedule for you to ensure compliance.  Test results are automatically provided to the water utility.  As a state registered fire sprinkler system contractor we can test AND repair fire system devices.


We repair all types, all sizes and all brands.  Every repair includes re-testing to ensure compliance.  Most repair parts are on our truck to save you time and money.


New and replacement installations are guaranteed to meet utility district requirements.  Our master plumber specializes in backflow systems, so you know it done correctly.  We design the entire backflow prevention system.  Often that is a simple backflow device only, but sometimes other devices such as pressure reducers, wye strainers, or pressure tanks are needed to ensure optimal water system operation.  We lay it all out and tell you exactly what the cost will be so there are no surprises.  Our pledge is to provide you with only what you need to ensure compliance.


For our utility district and municipal clients we can design and implement a multi-year survey plan for you, or simply implement your existing plan.   We handle all the mailings, and guarantee immediate follow-ups to notifications.  If additional notifications and follow-ups are needed we handle that too — all according to your plan.  And best of all we maintain all the records for you!


To complement your survey plan we can design an inspection plan that satisfies state guidelines of 5% of your customers each year.  We recommend your plan give appropriate weighting to residential and commercial customers to minimize your risk of system contamination.

Web-based records

We can maintain all your cross-connection program records in our web based database.  Only you can see your records and they are available 24/7.

Total Program Management

Free up your staff and lower your cost.  We keep you fully informed and engaged.  We take care of every aspect of your program according to your approved plan. Click here for more details.


It’s All About Staying in Compliance


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