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Backflow Prevention


From complete backflow prevention program management to single device testing, Cross Connection Services offers professional services to meet all of your cross connection program needs.  We are certified for domestic water supply and fire systems.  We install, test and repair all brands and sizes of backflow devices and associated equipment such as pressure reducers, wye strainers and pressure tanks. We are committed to serving all of your needs, not blindly focus on a single device that may not even be your problem.

For homeowners and small business owners we offer testing, installation and repair services that meet your specific needs and guarantee compliance with your water supplier’s requirements. Many plumbers are unaware of backflow device installation requirements established by your water utility.  We guarantee our installations are correct, and our rates are “homeowner” and “small business” friendly.

For water utilities we want to be your partner, not just another service provider.  Cross connection control is a vital element in protecting the public water supply.  It requires time, training and attention to a lot of details.  We are prepared to provide every service you need, from on-call testing to complete program management. We want to partner with you to ensure compliance of your plan with state regulations. Free up your staff to work on things only they can do and lower your cost at the same time.  For less than you ever imagined we can manage your program for you and GUARANTEE compliance with state regulations.  We even accompany you at sanitation surveys if you desire. You are in control and you are in compliance!  For complete information about our Comprehensive Program Management Plan click here.

For our industrial customers we have you covered too.  We are a state certified fire sprinkler protection system contractor, so we can test AND REPAIR any of your backflow devices.  We also work on related devices such as pressure reducers, wye strainers, and pressure tanks.  Often what appears to be a problem with the backflow device is actually an easily fixed problem with one of these related devices.  If your facility has numerous devices we will work with you to manage all of them INCLUDING INTERNAL DEVICES to ensure safe drinking water for employees.

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